Portable PuTTY

Not unusually I work on both Windows and Linux systems, using SQL Server on Windows and Oracle on SuSE. I use Windows as the primary operating system on my workstation because I have greater confidence it will have driver support for devices like built in broadband wireless. Nonetheless I need to SSH regularly into Linux boxes to do administration and script development so I use Xming and Portable PuTTY.

Configuration options are stored in ‘session files’ located in in %appdata%Portable PuTTYsessions.  They contain name value pairs like the following:


The session files may be edited directly, and this appears the only way to update the UserName setting for an SSH autologin, but this approach is unsupported and a corrupted session file is ignored without warning.

To create a shortcut that loads a PuTTY session set the start location to “%appdata%Portable PuTTYsessions” and append a -load parameter to the target invocation.

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