Software Development

Outgrowing Excel? Frustrated with Access? Varyonic can help. Varyonic builds, deploys and manages custom business applications, allowing you to defer or reduce your need for in-house IT staff. Varyonic's focus is on mid-sized businesses with revenues of $10M+.

"Sales and cash receipts at TFO were reported based on hand written, faxed reports from 63 locations that were keyed into an Access database and manipulated in Excel. Varyonic evaluated our business process and developed a web based solution to collect and report the data in a far more efficient manner. Management now receives sales reports several hours earlier each day, and month end sales entries are acomplished in a fraction of the time. Also very important to me was that Varyonic did not over engineer the solution. I feel that the system is the right scale and scope for our business."

— Robert Solarana, CFO, The Fragrance Outlet, Inc.

Varyonic specializes in application development using Ruby on Rails, deploying and managing systems using cloud computing resources. Databases used include MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.

Systems & Database Administration

Varyonic can help with:

  • Vendor selection and physical equipment purchases.
  • Cloud server procurement and configuration (Amazon EC2 or Rackspace).
  • Linux, AIX and HP-UX administration.
  • Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL administration.
  • Database backup and recovery.
  • Application performance troubleshooting.
  • PCI-DSS and GLBA compliance.
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