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Now that I have my database schema creation and maintenance automated with Incanto and dbMaintain I have been looking at testing tools for stored procedures. Perhaps the best known for Oracle PL/SQL are Feuerstein’s utPLSQL and subsequent Quest Code Tester for Oracle. Other options include plunit, PLUTO and ruby-pl-spec. My main requirement, however, has been to invoke tests from an Ant project continuously integrated using Hudson and for now I have started using sqlunit, which is both mature and portable across different databases, as well as allowing relatively simple testcases to be specified in entirely XML.

My build-common.xml now contains


In addition to sqlunit I’ve found
dbUnit to be a useful tool for complex data setup prior to running a test.
Initilization of the dbUnit ant task is done as follows:


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    OraTek - November 8, 2010

    Hi Piers,

    I've googled/stumped upon DbMaintain and Incanto in a quest to automate database application patching. They both look like they do the same thing BUT I note you use both – do they have different strengths? Any reason to use one over the other?

    I am but a humble DBA, not a developer, so I like simple…

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    Piers C - December 4, 2010

    Incanto is simply an ant wrapper around sqlplus. DbMaintain is a more ambitious change tracking tool. Use DbMaintain to automate database patching, and Incanto when DbMaintain can’t do the job and you fall back on invoking sqlplus from ant.

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