One year with Rails

One year since I picked up ‘Agile Web Development with Rails’ and coded my first Rails model/controller/view: seems so long ago now.

Things I’ve mastered in the past year:

  • Test driven development using unit and functional tests.
  • Master-detail forms using Ajax to add and delete rows, fetching product details in JSON for codes entered into a line item.
  • Prototype and jQuery, including jQuery UI datepickers.
  • Loading and parsing XML data files using Nokogiri.
  • Building complex reports using nested views in PostgreSQL, maintained using rails_sql_views.
  • Creating formatted, multi-tab Excel spreadsheets using Spreadsheet gem.
  • Creating pixel-perfect PDF reports using JasperReports loaded using Java-Ruby bridge.
  • Hosting using Apache with Passenger, Mongrel, Thin and Unicorn.
  • Monitoring using ScoutApp.
  • Upgrading a production app from Rails 2.3.4 to Rails 3.0.9.
  • Switching from ERB to HAML.

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