Year Thirteen with Rails

These last twelve months have been the first without a major or minor Rails release, though there have been multiple bug-fix patches to 7.0. Ruby 3.2 included production ready YJIT and better ReDoS protection. InfoWorld published ‘Whatever happened to Ruby?’ However, the biggest buzz has been figuring out how to use ChatGPT productively: a much easier task with greenfield projects I think.

At my employer the focus has been on Google Ads, fraud detection and logistics improvements.
Nonetheless ‘maintenance mode’ still includes an unending flow of diverse fixes and refinements such as unearthing race conditions and fixing transaction boundaries. 3DS v1 was sunset, AWS abandoned Data Pipeline, and we explored Terraform. Apollo GraphQL has been retired as REST based alternatives are holding up good enough.

New gems used this year included `validates_email_format_of` and integrations with Braintree and AfterShip.

On StackOverflow I drifted into the ‘activeadmin’ tag top 15

For better or worse my only open source contributions have been to my own evolving fork of ActiveAdmin: using a different rendering strategy for Arbre, embracing Rails layouts, slashing controller meta-programming, and reducing dependency on the resource DSL.

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