Year Fourteen with Rails

This last year saw the launch of RailsWorld in Amsterdam celebrating 20 years of Rails, while RailsConf on the other hand is being wound down. Honeypot released a documentary on Rails’ origins. Rails 7.1 shipped with default Dockerfiles. Ruby 3.3 shipped with Prism and RJIT and a Bun 1.0 Javascript runtime was released.

At my employer we upgraded our database hardware and software, enabling more data model refactoring and simplification. react-rails and Webpacker were removed from our web stack as we made increased use of Turbo. Microsoft/Github Copilot has become an everyday pair programmer with suggestions ranging from sublime to clueless to beguilingly incorrect. The result has been more code comments and tests, both as LLM input and output, and a bump in productivity accepting suggestions ranging from insightful to good enough. SolarWinds Librato was replaced by AWS CloudWatch.

On the open source side I released activeadmin-rails v1.7 but made little effort to market it as my attention has been elsewhere. paypal-sdk-subscriptions reached 130,000 downloads.

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